About our Fundraisers

We at Zero Degrees believe in becoming a part of the community wherever we set up shop. Our stores are welcoming spaces where members of the neighborhood can gather to socialize, study, or work. In the spirit of giving, we like to partner with schools, churches, and other local institutions in setting up fundraising events. We look forward to working with your organization in making the event fun & successful! Please provide the following details to get started:

Point of Contact Name *
Point of Contact Name
Point of Contact Phone *
Point of Contact Phone
Date Requested for Fundraiser Event
Date Requested for Fundraiser Event
* Two Days Max (if longer than one day, please describe below)

Zero Degrees Fundraising Policy

- Club organization's participants, friends, and families that are invited to the fundraising event MUST mention the name of the club for Zero Degree to track the sales from the event. 

- Fundraising event can only extend to 2 DAYS

- Zero Degrees will contribute 20% of sales proceed from the event to the club organization.  

- A check (payment) will be readily available after 3 days of hosting the fundraiser event. Club organization MUST pick up the check.